Welcome to Volcora, a privately held corporation founded in 2015 with a goal to lead every business' cash management and POS hardware solutions. We are committed to providing customers with the best service possible, and to fostering improvements so customers will be satisfied with our products.

Volcora currently supplies a broad range of products to help streamline your business operations. At Volcora, you pay for what you need and nothing more. We supply a full collection of high-quality and most valuable cash drawers and other accessories, including Electronic Cash Drawers, USB Cash Drawers, Manual Cash Drawers, Cash Boxes, Barcode Scanners and more! 

We are more than happy to speak to you with regards to your business needs and provide any catered solution! Drop us a note!


Brand Story

In 2010, two outstanding software engineers, Jason and Lukas, jointly started a cafe based on delight in delicacies, hoping the software development skills to add value to their business operations. However, due to the expensive rental of POS hardware and the instability of the system at that time, the e-menu which was set up last night crashed on the next day and failed to order when the system was turned on, the plight resulted in long queues of customers complaining. As contacted the POS vendor's customer service for assistance, they received no answer or response. Owing to the situation kept happening, the cafe not only dropped sales but also lost fame! Thus, Jason and Lukas strove for business with all their zeal at the beginning but ended up with losses and distress.

After going through the painful experience, Jason and Lukas deeply realized the importance of "Proficiency" and "Service" to a small business. They were determined to help all the small businesses in the US to enjoy both prompt and professional services at little cost, and the only thing for customers is to pay attention to their business operations, they no longer need to worry about system crashes or issues of customer service. So, they founded the brand “Volcora” in 2015 and provide a wide range of Cash Management Solutions. After several years of hard-working and dedication, now Volcora has become the No. 1 in Amazon's global marketplace and successfully serves the needs of retail stores, cafes, restaurants, banks, and currency exchanges, more than 20,000 small businesses worldwide.

Today, Volcora not only provides a cash register, cash drawer, Bar Code Scanner, Thermal Receipt Printer, POS System, Monitor...etc. but also offers customized product development, as well as software systems for inventory management. Through the integration of hardware and software with the cloud App that provides the best choice of one-stop shopping solution for thousands of small businesses in the US. Meanwhile, Volcora also provides a multi-channel of intimate customer service, assisting customers from stages of installation, debugging, and testing, until the system goes online with stable operation, as well as on-call for quickly solving emergency problems.

“Run Business for Less”

always promises to work side by side with our valuable customers and to achieve success together!