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Built with an all-in-one solution for any business in mind, lowering your cost while boosting your efficiency.

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The Solution to Your Business Success

True All-In-One Solution

From software to hardware; From online ordering to kitchen display; By partnering exclusively with our POS software provider, we have it all.

Multi Business Type Compatible

Our system fits most of the market's hospitality businesses, whether it's a coffee shop or restaurant franchise enterprise. 

Platform Selections

Mobile & Online Ordering, Grubhub/UberEats Integration, pay-at-table, self-service kiosk, and more! Supports iOS, Web, and Android.

Transparent Guidance

We are here to hold your hands step by step and navigate toward success. We make sure every step is transparent and minimal.


Single System. So Many Options.

Quick Service Restaurants

Cafe, Bakery, Bubble Tea, Fast Casual Eateries? Try out with a dual touch screen terminal and customer display module to elevate the ordering experience!

Dine In Restaurants

Restaurant and bar orders can be tricky. Take full advantage of the complex full-service restaurant feature and run your business with maximum efficiency.

Retail Stores

For brick-and-mortar retail stores, check out the system that can easily process checkouts, manage customers, track inventories, place purchase orders, and more.


Fanchisers to set up, manage and monitor franchisees at their fingertips. Our POS partner's  consolidate all operations, accounting, reporting, and menu management under one hood.

Features You Wouldn't Want to Miss

Time to take your business one step further

Search No Further for the optimal POS Solution
Combined with our hardwares, Volcora along with our POS provider is the ultimate destination for all your point of sale needs.

Compatible for different businesses
 10+ different modules that can be enabled to fit your specific business needs. Simply consult our specialists to find out what is essential for you.

Multi-Regional Customer Support
We have strategically placed our support staff around the globe to better assist when you need us. We also speak in multiple languages. 

Reduce cost, increase profit
Business owners are very cost conscious  which is why we price our products at a very affordable point to get you set up as quickly as possible with no hesitation.

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More than just a Point of Sale

Exclusively offered from our POS software partner to you

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Our Partners

Gong Cha USA

Sam Lamba / CEO 

"I can see up to the minute sales in each of our franchise stores and company-owned stores, which is extremely helpful in tracking trends between each store and top menu items we sell between each state."

Smokehouse Sandwich Co.

Matthew Kho / Owner

"Excellent cloud based POS system, very easy to work and user friendly. What I like the most is you can setup and update the menu and pricing remotely and only take few simple steps. Also there are ton of online reporting from sales to employees payroll. Overall a great POS system."

Ridgway Bar & Grill

Tony Ridgway / Chef-Owner

“This POS has made our restaurant better in many ways, from managing in our complex inventory and suppliers to delivering a better restaurant experience for our customers.”

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