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How Can Anti-Theft Volcora Tablet Stand Help Your Business?

by Marketing Volcora 28 Oct 2022
How Can Anti-Theft Volcora Tablet Stand Help Your Business?

Volcora's Anti-Theft Tablet Stand is a groundbreaking new device that helps keep electronic tablets safe from theft while they are being used in public places. In today's fast-paced world, businesses need to be able to receive transactions on the go. However, this payment model can leave tablets and other devices vulnerable to theft, and that’s what this stand can solve.

The Volcora Anti-Theft Stand, which you can use with any make or model of tablet, features a built-in locking mechanism that securely anchors the tablet to the counter or kiosk it is being used in. This makes it impossible for someone to grab the tablet and run off with it, as they could easily do with a traditional tablet stand.

Not only does the Volcora Anti-Theft Tablet Stand provide an extra level of security for electronic tablets, but it also helps to deter would-be thieves from even attempting to steal them in the first place. The stand's dark color makes it highly visible, even from a distance, and its rugged construction makes it clear that this is not a piece of equipment that can be easily dismantled and taken away.

The Volcora Anti-Theft Tablet Stand is perfect for public places like retail stores, restaurants, kiosks, hotels, libraries, museums, and more. It is also ideal for high-traffic areas where theft is more likely to occur, such as airports and train stations.

Salient Features of the Volcora Anti-Theft Tablet Stand

Quick and Secure Locking Mechanisms

The Volcora Anti-Theft Tablet Stand features quick and secure locking mechanisms to keep your tablet safe and sound. No more worries about your tablet being snatched away or falling onto the floor; this stand will hold it securely in place. To mount a tablet on this stand, you have to unlock its bracket, slide the tablet in, and then lock it. You can keep its keys anywhere safe, and your locked tablet will stay intact on the counter.

Suitable for 10-13" Tablets

This stand is suitable for 10-13" tablets, making it an excellent option for those who want to use their tablet for POS purposes. The compact design won't take up too much space on your counter, while the sturdy build ensures it can withstand daily use rigors. Its thick and sturdy hinges nicely wrap your tablet and ensure no one can remove it without the key.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloy Build

The Volcora Anti-Theft Tablet Stand is built from heavy-duty aluminum alloy, making it a durable and long-lasting option. If you're worried about the anti-theft stand looking weird on your POS counter or getting rusted, drop that doubt. This high-quality stand will win the test of time and look sleek on your counter/kiosk. Whether you use it in a busy retail environment or a more relaxed office setting, this stand will stand up to the demands of constant use.

To learn more about the Volcora Anti-Theft Tablet Stand or to place an order for one today, head over to our product page.

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