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How to Choose a Cash Drawer for Your POS System?

by Marketing Volcora 28 Aug 2022
How to Choose a Cash Drawer for Your POS System?

Hicksville, NY, August 25, 2022 – Before running a business well, it is vital to choose a suitable POS system and cash management solution which matches your business demands and work environment. With the appropriate equipment, they will help manage your daily business with high efficiency at a limited cost. Today let’s dissect a couple of common small business scenarios and find out what type of cash drawer is the best recommended to boost the growth of the business.

Which Industries Most Use POS and Cash Drawer?

As we know, retail, restaurants, and hospitality are the top three industries that most benefit from the use of POS systems and cash management solutions. Besides, healthcare, government, and banking industries adopt the systems and solutions very often as well. Convenience, efficiency, and security are the most significant metrics to evaluate whether a business reaches the scores of customer satisfaction and business operation. Any business equipped with cutting-edge requirements and well-educational training will bring unceasing sales growth and competitive advantages constantly.


Industries Most Use POS and Cash Drawer - Retail, Restaurants, Hospitality

Cash Drawers Suggested for Retail, Restaurants, and Hospitality

Retail stores, restaurants, healthcare, and the banking industry will need high-stable and sturdy POS systems such as brands of SQUARE, CLOVER, LIGHTSPEED, and TOAST, etc. as well as durable cash drawers to tackle the heavy-duty condition of thousands of purchases which may last 18-24 hours nonstop. Especially, if the POS system is designed to connect to the cloud system for database access, multi-location management, and even inventory control, the connecting speed, reliability, and DB backup shall be critical for business operations.


Moreover, a durable cash management solution is also the key criterion to keeping the business running smoothly. If the workspace is roomy, suggest choosing Volcora Nobel 16” cash drawer, it measures 16”x16”x4” and has a heavy-duty durable metal frame. Built-in cash tray that comes with two types of trays: one is a partial removable coin tray to maximize the partitions to 5-bill slots and 6-coin slots; the other is a fully removable coin tray to maximize the partitions to 5-bill slots and 8-coin slots. If the workspace is limited, Volcora 13” mini elegant cash drawer will be perfect to choose from. Our 13” Cash Drawer measures 13.25" x 13" x 4'', equipped with a full or partial removable tray to maximize the partitions to 4-bill slots and 5-coin slots has a separate bill money tray with stainless steel clips and coin compartment, both removable independently.


Volcora 16" Nobel Cash Drawer
 Volcora 16" Cash Register Drawer


For hospitality, the loading and criticality are less than in retail and restaurants, and the POS systems requested for a better guest experience and with regular reliability and duration will be good to adopt, such as brands of TouchBistro, Epos Now, etc. Considering to match diverse styles and decorations of businesses, Volcora rolls out cash drawers with the unique color combination of Black, White, Black, and Stainless-Steel Front, and White and Stainless-Steel Front, four exquisite designs along with different sizes of 16” and 13” configurations to meet all the various requirements of the business market.


Volcora 13" Mini Cash Drawer
Volcora 13" Mini Cash Register Drawer


Interfaces to Drive Cash Drawers Open  

Moreover, Volcora offers an auto-open cash drawer that may connect directly to the receipt printer and is driven by the receipt printer via the RJ11/RJ12 connector interface, and most receipt printers on the POS market have drawer kick ports that send a 24VDC signal to open the cash drawer. When the transaction is concluded, the signal of command is sent to the printer to print the receipt and kicks the cash drawer open simultaneously. We also offer types of manual push-open and computer connections via USB ports for customers to choose from.

RJ11/RJ12 Connector


Comprehensive Solutions for One-stop Shopping

Volcora’s all cash drawers include free lifetime support and fast, friendly customer service. We are committed to providing top-quality products with the most reliable cash management solution for your business. We supply a full collection of high-quality and most valuable cash drawers and other accessories, including Electronic Cash Drawers, USB Cash Drawers, Manual Cash Drawers, Cash Boxes, Barcode Scanners, and more, all our trending products give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee, free return & easy refund. Moreover, we provide product customization services with high efficiency and precision to fully conform to customers’ demands.

Now, "Run Business for Less" with Volcora!

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About Volcora

Volcora is a privately held corporation founded in 2015 to lead every business' cash management and POS hardware solutions. We are committed to providing customers with the best service possible, and to fostering improvements so customers will be satisfied with our products. We supply a broad range of products to help streamline your business operations. At Volcora, you pay for what you need and nothing more. We supply a full collection of high-quality and most valuable cash drawers and other accessories, including Electronic Cash Drawers, USB Cash Drawers, Manual Cash Drawers, Cash Boxes, Barcode ScannersDrop Safes, and more!  We strive to be the most preferred partner of all the small businesses around the world. For more information visit

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